And then there is
Woodland Hills, which paints a musical portrait of Mr. Forte’s lifelong love of nature. You will readily accept the artist’s view that nature is not only beauty and vitality, it is “A proclamation of the Spirit.”!


ROKKA’S RETURN is noble music that should be and will be respected for its elegance and spirituality for, hopefully, ever. James Forte is not an ordinary mortal, in this reviewer’s opinion. His love and talent are hallmarks of something greater.


ROKKA’S RETURN is an album that will move you to a greater understanding of our purpose. Don’t miss it!

METAPHYSICAL REVIEWS: Richard Fuller, Senior Editor





Performers: Electric Symphony

James Forte, Synthesizers






Nature as the door



music, performances and sequences by James Forte


The entire album is a single event, but each piece, Throught the Mist, Ice Mountain, and Glenalyce, and its individual tracks may be enjoyed on its own. Throught the Mist is a full symphony. Ice Mountain may be considered a suite, and Glenalyce was my wife’s family’s summer retreat. We spent many happy years visiting Grandma there. This album’s cover was a misty day’s view from the porch.


With Nature, so familiar and so loved, as the door, this music is an inner journey to life’s sacred goal. Full of orchestral sounds, familiar but new, this album explores the limits and subtlties of electronic music with a message of spiritual hope for our age.


The composer began using electronic instruments in 1986 having spent his life in composition for the orchestra, traditional instruments, chorus and voice which he continues today along with the new instruments.



Nature as the door


On the way



Through The Mist 1) Through the Mist 7:01; 2) Alone 2:58; 3) Sun in the Valley 7:17

Ice Mountain 4) Ice Mountain 1:12; 5) In the Wind 1:13; 6) Spring Walk 1:42; 7) Snow on the Mountain 1:33

Glenalyce 8) Intervale 3:39; 9) Dark Wood 1:31; 10) Burial 3:05; 11) Going Through 4:30

Instruments: synthesizers; James Forte


THROUGH THE MIST [Wildflower Recordings compact disc WFR 0210CD]






Nature as the door



music, performances and sequences by James Forte

Transportive, meditative, spiritual, creative. All these words describe James Forte’s outstanding new symphony,
THROUGH THE MIST, yet none do it enough justice. Here is music with drama that took this reviewer through a magical musical saga of
transformation. James Forte has given us an album that will calm you, offer you serenity and paint a musical picture of forest and mist, of innocence and truth, and of God’s gift to humankind.


THROUGH THE MIST is written from a place of communion with Spirit. Mr. Forte has said, “I am dedicated to the trueness in Art, to its intrinsic beauty and its transformative purpose. We artists have a responsibility to the Spirit and to out fellow humans to help, not harm them. True art is the profound affirmation of life.”


James Forte is such an artist. His poetry and music celebrate his connection with Spirit. His talent seems unbounded and unbridled. He is not only a composer, but a master of  electronic instruments. And with his synthesizers, he plays his superb music and thereby brings transformation to the listener.

This reviewer knows James Forte through his talent and creativity. Though we’ve never met in person, I know him to be not only a superb musician and composer—I know him to be a carrier of God’s message to love Him, ourselves and each other. THROUGH THE MIST, like his prior album, ROKKA’S RETURN (see my review), is a message of spiritual hope. Thank you, James Forte, for sharing God’s message!


METAPHYSICAL REVIEWS: Richard Fuller, Senior Editor; December, 2001


music, symphony, spiritual, electronic

A brilliant symphony played on and designed for, synthesizer. Filled with Spirit and hope for a better way. Soft, serene and transportive from a superb artist and composer!




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