Books by Nancy Mosehauer Forte:






The Urban Vegetarian


Elegant Recipes

Quickly Prepared

Easy Menu Planning Guide

Very Low Fat

Almost All Recipes Without Added Salt

No Meat, Fish, Eggs

Almost No Dairy

No Onion Or Garlic

Foods Readily Available At Supermarkets


Speedy low-fat recipes and menus

Helpful suggestions for those just exploring vegetarian meals

Easy to follow recipes “very well organized” ... “very intelligent”

Putting it together for the experienced vegetarian

Elegant dining for everybody




About the Authors



             Soprano Nancy Mosehauer Forte discovered cooking as she discovered vegetarian cooking.  As she and her husband sought out simple solutions to accommodate their very active life, elegant solutions to match the high quality cooking of their mothers, nutritious cooking in a world of hamburgers, and easy cooking in a world of supermarkets, they developed a style of cooking and a method of menu planning that reflected influence from many cuisines.  Nancy’s recipes were so popular with everyone that they soon began demanding a cookbook.  The result of many years of development and testing is this book.


             A soprano whose repertoire encompasses dramatic and coloratura opera arias as well as hymns, folk, and popular songs that she has been singing since a child, Nancy’s singing is even more appreciated than her cooking.  Jim having been exiled from the kitchen two weeks after their marriage, slowly worked his way back in to work with Nancy in developing some of the recipes and washing pots and pans.  He is also a composer and author.


             A meal is an event of culture, of the manner with which we show our love, care and respect for our families, friends and guests.


             We hope this book is a good launching point for you or, if you are already a vegetarian, perhaps helps put a little focus and speed in your meal preparation.







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